Gear Review – Craghoppers Pack It In: CompressLite Jackets

I like to pack light, I’m that kind of guy. So even when I travel to Japan, U.S or New Zealand for a whole snow season, I’ll typically only take with me a backpack – filled mostly by my laptop and a few books on the destination – and a board bag.

I’ve never understood why some skiers and boarders pack three or four jackets, eight beanies, three pairs of jeans and fifteen shirts…most of which will never get used. My rule for packing for ski trips, bring it only if you’re 100% sure you’re going to use it and if it’s not a dead certainty you’ll wear it, leave it behind. Simple.

Additionally, keeping in mind the emergence of budget airlines and typical weight restrictions of 20kgs or 45lbs it also pays to keep the weight of what you’re packing light. The lighter, smaller and more compact it is, the more stuff you can fit in your board bag, ski bag or backpack.

So where am I going with all this? —-> CRAGHOPPERS – Pack It In: CompressLite Jackets

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You want a light, warm jacket that when rolled up can almost fit in a largish pocket? Craghoppers CompressLite Jacket at 465grams ticks all the boxes.

The new CompressLite Jacket from Craghoppers keeps you warm when you’re cold, blocks out the wind and is made in similar fashion to a sleeping bag, meaning it’s extremely durable and compact. 100% polyester and warm even when wet, with insulating properties equivalent to down make this jacket a true winner.

I think the true test of a good jacket is to wear only a shirt underneath on a chilly night watching the football and I did just this last week. To say I was toasty when my mates where chilly is an understatement.

I love everything about this jacket and for a guy who likes to pack light, its the perfect addition to my yearly snow season ensemble.

Check out the Craghoppers website here: CRAGHOPPERS

Check out Craghoppers at all good outdoor retailers including; Anaconda, Sturrocks,  Camp Hike Climb, Braidwood Outdoors, Amazon Outdoors, St Moritz, Backpacking Light, Summit Gear.


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