Gear Review – Kleen Kanteen – The Insulated Classic Water Bottle 946ML

Reviewed by Snow Travel Magazine

Travelling the world – whether it be visiting old tombs in Hue, Vietnam or riding epic pow in Niseko, Japan – is generally thirsty work and if it’s a cold drink you need to cool you down or a hot tea to warm you up then Kleen Kanteen generally have you covered with their range of water bottles.

Kleen Kanteen pride themselves on their ability to produce a range of water bottles for all requirements and all environments, but it all began back in 2002 when Founder Robert Seals noticed a gap in the market where by he could provide a water bottle free of potentially harmful plastics, aluminium and BPA. What resulted was a fully stainless steel canister. From there the range has grown substantially to include all sizes ranging from a kid friendly 12oz bottle to the goliath 1.9L (64oz).


For our review we were provided the 946ml (32oz) Insulated Classic Bottle and over the course of a month trialling the product absolutely love it, not only does it keep stuff really hot for a long time (24 hours listed on the label) it also keeps your water surprisingly cool for a surprisingly long time even when left in the sun. Drinking from the water bottle is easy enough but with such a wide opening I have been prone to spill the contents on myself when in a rush to re-hydrate and would recommend drinking with caution if the contents are piping hot or if you’re on the move. Important to note you can buy a different cap to solve this issue.


Additionally the 32oz size, or just under one litre is a pretty large sized water bottle with the bottle empty weighing about 400grams. You wouldn’t want to be carrying the 32oz fully stocked for too long as your arms would probably fall off unless you’re a quick drinker. Ideally the 32oz is perfect for hikers or those on the move with a backpack to store the water bottle.

Summing Up:

Overall I love the product, I think it’ll be super durable and will probably be one of the last water bottles I own. I seriously can’t see it falling apart anytime soon. My only concern is the size and weight of the bottle itself, but insulation = weight. The thinner the canister the less insulation you’ll get.

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