Gear Review – Nuun Hydration – Nuun Boost/Active Tabs

Reviewed by Snow Travel Magazine


Nuun or ‘noon’ as it’s supposed to be pronounced is a company all about hydration. Their tablets of varying flavours and applications can be used by the active person to hydrate before, after or during exercise. The nuun tablets when dropped into the recommended 475ml of water fizzle and bubble away changing your boring water into a dynamic low calorie, vitamin-laden energy drink.

We were provided the Cherry Limeade flavoured nuun Boost and Citrus flavoured nuun Active and both had a great taste and positive impact. As with any effervescent energy tablet, it’s hard without concrete evidence and testing to prove what benefits you’ve derived from consuming the product, but I generally felt like I had a little perk up following consumption of both. The nuun Boost has a bit of caffeine and B vitamins included which can help with alertness and focus whilst the nuun Active with Vitamin C has a simpler aim to replenish/hydrate after a tough gym session or day on the slopes.


Summing Up:

Enjoyed the product and thought they had good flavour compared to say a Berocca but hard to pin point the exact benefits of the effervescent tablets. Recommended for those on the move or who currently use energy drinks and tablets to re-hydrate.

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