Gear Review – Very Comfy Undies, ExOfficio’s Performance Trunks for Your Junk

‘Australia’s comfiest undies’ or something to that effect use to be a slogan used by a large Australian underwear brand. It was a bold claim and probably one which they didn’t really deserve to own…particularly given their undies weren’t actually and still aren’t that comfy.


ExOfficio undies or trunks are though, they are bonafide comfy and performance trunks for your junk! How do I know this? Well, I ran in them, walked in them and generally just lived in them for a few days straight and I still have beautiful memories of that first experience pulling them on – mind bending goodness.

The trunks I was provided by ExOfficio were the Sports Mesh 6″ Inseam Boxer Brief made of 92% nylon/8% lycra – perhaps explaining why they are so light and so comfy. Listed as lightweight, breathable and quick drying these performance trunks are ideal for snowboarders and skiers on the move all day. Whether you’re jibbing in the park all day and need something which is going to wick away the sweat or hiking an epic ridge line and need extra comfort these are the undies for you.

I’d go as far as saying that I never knew underwear could be this comfortable and these are bonafide, the comfiest undies I’ve ever worn. Quite simply I want more and more pairs. In fact if they weren’t US$30 a pair i’d probably buy 10 pairs and replace my entire trunk collection.

ExOfficio have stores across the U.S and are available in Australia via




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